Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today was the surgery one year ago. I am now off Keppra for 4 months with no seizures. I think it was that Keppra that was continuing to give me seizures. I also think that AVM was related to my blood circulation disorder in my left leg - (Klippel - Trenaunay Syndrome)

I remember all those doctors saying it takes a year to recover from this. I have to say, they were right. It really took me time to fully get my energy back. Now I have to get back in shape but hey if that is my biggest problem, all is ok. 

I still feel like the luckiest gal in the world. I am going back to UCLA hospital today but for a different reason. I am joining the committee for fund raising on brain research. That feels like the most perfect thing to do today. I have a lot to do now as far as being a person who went through brain surgery. I have no idea what all of that is really, but I feel a lot in there about to motivate me. One thing I want to do is volunteer to drive someone who cannot drive on their own. What an experience in LA that was. Thanks to my friend Dr. Pat I actually had fun not driving as we made my errands and shopping into regular outings. But what do people do without their own Dr. Pat? 

Today is huge for me. It's like now I can say it. I had brain surgery. Somehow the anniversary solidifies that it actually happened. 
I have a lot to do now.