Saturday, November 17, 2007

me now

it's so funny because people expect me to have a shaved head but instead i look normal. out in the world they have no idea that i just had brain surgery. this is what my scar looks like now. they managed to shave my head in a way that covers the scar right up. in a way it feels very weird to go through effort to show this when it still feels so obvious inside of me. weird for 3.5 weeks after this surgery to look like a normal version of me.

the only difference right now is that i can't move my left eyebrow up, or my forehead (like i've had botox). that may come back they say. i wonder how different this experience would be if they still shaved everyone's heads like they did a few years ago. i think i'd be in shock.

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jehjeh said...


You are and always be normal. A little scar is not going to change you.