Sunday, July 6, 2008


all is going so well. i was dealing with being more tired and needing to rest constantly to avoid a seizure (de ja vu hallucinations or waking up from sleep in a state of amnesia). i always felt this was because of the drug i was on, keppra. it's a sedative and i could not get my full energy back. it was scary to have to rest or have these seizures. 
my wonderful neurologist allowed me to try to come off this drug starting two weeks ago. i have two more weeks to go of slowly decreasing it. so far i only feel better and more awake and energized. 
if this continues to go so well i will be able to stay off this drug. i cannot wait to feel my new healed brain without the avm they removed and without this drug. maybe i'll be really good at math like my brother is.  july 21 should be my first day drug free. i am so ready!!!!