Friday, February 1, 2008


It's official!! My surgeon's office called and I am done with this. It is over. No more tests on my brain and it will not grow back. I never need to check for this again.
I was on a walk when they called and all of a sudden the palm trees never looked so beautiful. The beach air, the pink sky, every step is sinking into my body.
I have never felt as calm as I do in this moment.
I am breathing in a new way now.

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Susan "SB2" said...

Hi Andrea,
Thanks so much for leaving the message on my blog. First, I want to congratulate you for your courage. I am so happy for your good outcome. We know what an ordeal AVM removal is and you are another light in that dark passage. I was so pleased to see on your website that you had such great support. My son Alex was blessed as well. If you want to see a little of his tale you can go to

I hope to hear more from you and if it is okay with you I will post a link to your site on mine for others dealing with AVMs.

Be well - Susan